Board of Directors:

  • Shari Gross - President
  • Anne Desarro - Vice President
  • David Baltusavich - Treasurer
  • Jessica Carlson - Secretary
  • Christian Capozziello
  • Wren Dugan
  • Claire DeSantis
  • Dorothy Patsy
  • Olga Antipovich

The Board of Directors is the governing body that collectively represents the member-owners and ensures the co-op's vision and focus is along a path which upholds its founding principles. Members are elected yearly and maintain their seat on the Board for TWO YEARS, after which time that person must run for re-election to stay on for a maximum of six years. Any member-owner who is the person owning the individual share of stock is eligible to run for a seat.


What the Board Does and Does Not Do

The Board...
  • Sets the strategic direction of the store
  • Monitors financial goals
  • Monitors the store's performance through ongoing policy review
  • Receives compensation for their work in the form of a co-op gift card
The Board does not...
  • Set prices or store policies
  • Get special privileges or treatment from the staff of the Co-op
  • Participate in day-to-day store operations
  • Work as an employee in the store or engage in private enterprise with the store


D2: Board Job Description

D4: Role of President

D9: Role of Officers



If you would like to get in touch with our Board of Directors, please send an email to